Driven Leader

My name is Eric Broulette. By day, I follow my passion for developing global support organizations. I’ve helped scale two support teams (Hudl & Flywheel) during hyper-growth periods of the companies. I bring an operational and empathetic mindset to position teams to have a positive impact on customers and the company. 

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What i enjoy

I’ve learned a lot about myself personally and professionally over the years. I know where I thrive and also where I should ask for help. Below are a few of the things in work and life that I enjoy the most.

Empowering Others

One of my super powers is bringing the right people together to achieve something great. I love empowering those around me to stretch themselves, fail forward, and be there to guide them to where they want to be.


Scaling Operations

I have a natural eye and mind to identify an opportunity for growth and turn it into immediate action. At the intersection of people, tools, and process comes incredible ability to scale and elevate teams.  

Goal Oriented Teams

As a former collegiate athlete, goals are embedded into my DNA. I’ve translated that mindset into setting challenging yet attainable goals for teams. The gratification of reaching audacious goals as a team is an amazing feeling.


Story Telling

Taking big & scary problems and breaking them into digestible pieces of action is where I excel. In order to motivate people and teams, they need to see themselves in a story. I lead with why and don’t shy away from hard truths if it helps paint the right picture for the team. 


My family is my why and my biggest motivation. I’m driven to make them proud and support them any way I can. Outside of work, you’ll find me spending as much time as possible with my wife, Jenna, and two boys, Braxton & Burke.

Where i’ve worked

I’ve been fortunate to work at incredible companies surrounded by highly talented and driven people. These experiences have developed me into who I am today and I can’t wait to see where else the future takes me.

Global Support Manager (2011 - 2019)

Before leading Hudl’s global support organization, I spent two years in a front-line Support Specialist role and one year as a Team Manager. As the Global Support Manager, I grew the team to over 100 employees across 8 countries supporting over 4MM enterprise and small-to-medium-size schools. Our team took pride in our quick response times and over 98% CSAT rating.

Director, Global Support (2019 - 2021)

As the Director of Global Support, I oversee a team of 80+ spread across six different countries serving our customers 24/7. In 2019, we brought focus to what success meant and in return drove our chat wait time down from 7 minutes to under 30 seconds by the end of the year. Additionally, I lead the project and implementation of Intercom to bridge the gap between our Support and Sales teams improving the efficiency of each team.

Sr. Director, Global Support (2021-2022)

WP Engine acquired Flywheel in mid-2019. We formalized our go-to-market strategy at the end of 2020, bringing the two teams closer together. I’ve remained responsible for leading the support experience over the Flywheel product line. I’m also responsible for bringing the Flywheel and WP Engine support experiences closer together for both our team and customers.

Sr. Director, Client Operations (2022 - 2023)

As the Sr. Director of Client Operations I oversee 5 teams that make up all of the reactive post-sale customer functions. Those teams comprise of Member Support, Claims & Disputes, Travelers Experience, BPO Operations, and Training & Development. Combined, our teams handle over 100,000 interactions a month while consistently increasing SLA and customer satisfaction metrics.

Sr. Director, Customer Support (2023 - Present)

Bloomerang is on a mission to help non-profits thrive. At the core of that mission is our Customer Support team to help guide and educate non-profits on ways to best utilize our software to grow their own mission. I oversee the strategic direction of the Customer Support team ensuring our customers are at the center of every decision we make. My primary goal is to position our Support team as a continual value add to customers and to scale effectively as our customer base increases.

What i have to say

These speaking opportunities have allowed me to share my journey in Customer Support while promoting our company’s brand at the same time. I hope to inspire anyone listening to try at least one new thing to improve the experience of their team or customers.

Tools i enjoy working with

To deliver great customer experiences, the tools your team and customers interact with is crucial. I’ve learned the ins and the outs of several customer experience tools and here are a few of my favorites.

Let’s connect!

I love sharing my story and learning from others. If you’re interested in learning more about me, please email me, connect with me on LinkedIn, or check out my resume!